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The Personalized Wealth Plan

Here's how it works:

Tell us about your financial situation

You'll fill out a financial survey that helps us better understand your financial situation. This gives us the necessary information to craft a personalized financial wealth plan. This survey will include uploading your actual financial statements (bank, brokerage, credit card accounts, etc.) so we can efficiently help. Before we start, you will be provided disclosure documents and must sign an agreement with StackHack.

Speak with a licensed investment advisor representative

You'll jump on one 20-minute call with our in-house licensed investment advisor representatives, who will ask you questions and dig deeper into figuring out your ideal plan. "Meet Kevin" Paffrath will not be on the call, but the information gathered will enable Kevin to work directly with the team on your personalized wealth plan. The call is for information-gathering purposes and not for giving advice.

Kevin will make you a "Personalized Wealth Plan" video

Based on the information you've provided, Kevin will create a custom video that outlines your "Personalized Wealth Plan." We expect this to include a plan catered to you on increasing your income, security, and wealth, considering your business, income, and investments, though the plan will be predicated on the information you've provided.

Share your goals, dreams, and current financial situation.

Then, we'll create a plan for exactly how we believe you can grow your wealth.

Remember, this is about growing YOUR wealth, so we want the plan to be executable for you, given your personal circumstances.

That's the idea behind our newest offer, which has taken a LONG time to put together.



Even though the principles of wealth creation may be clear, personal and professional guidance in how we can implement those principles is important.

And while my courses teach the principles of success, everyone's story is different. Their skills are different. Their circumstances are different. Their portfolio is different. And they're all at a different point in their financial journey.

In my newest offer, we're going to review your situation and give you PERSONALIZED financial advice on what you can do next to grow your wealth and secure your future.

We all get dealt a different set of cards, so how we play them must be different, too.

Before I go any further, there's something you should know...

I'm all about scale and growth, so you might wonder why I'm doing this.

After all, giving my audience personalized financial advice doesn't exactly scale.

I have a much bigger plan for this where I won't be giving the advice myself - but for now, you get to benefit from this opportunity.

I can't share more details than that at the moment. However, once we do move to the "scaleable plan," this pricing will be much more expensive - or this offer will be removed completely.

So, for now, I'm offering personalized financial advice to my audience first come, first serve. After we have enough signups (or if I decide to flip-flop on this idea at any time), we'll take this offline without notice while ensuring our existing clients are well taken care of.

Here's what you'll get:

After you join, you’ll fill out a financial survey that helps us better understand your financial picture. This survey will include uploading your actual financial statements (bank, brokerage, credit card accounts, etc.) You'll tell us as much as you want about your income, assets, job, goals, debt, portfolio, and credit.

After that, you'll jump on a 20-minute call with an in-house licensed investment advisor representative who will ask questions and dig deeper into figuring out your ideal plan. I won't be on the call, but I will connect with your investment advisor representative and create a plan based on what you've discussed together.

When your plan is ready, I'll create a custom video outlining the action steps I'll recommend for you and things you should consider to get to that next level. This way, you have a clear plan directly from me - leveraging my experience and knowledge. I'll send your video to your email when it's ready. All of your identifiable information will be excluded from the video so that we may be able to repurpose it for future content or offerings.

While this offer will likely be closed shortly, for now, you’ll receive a video with fully customized advice from me personally. This way, you have a clear plan to help you reach your financial goals, which is #ActuallyFinancialAdvice.

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Access to the StackHack Video Library is included in the Personalized Wealth Plan.

All fees become non-refundable once the Adviser begins performing the services.

The financial advice we give to other clients is not specific to you and is not personalized financial advice for yourself.